Those Russell Girls: Hummingbirds and Cold Weather

Those Russell Girls

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hummingbirds and Cold Weather

I couldn't help being excited Wednesday, April 4, to be the first in my area to have a Ruby-throated hummingbird visit my feeder, nearly 2 weeks earlier than my previous earliest visitor. My excitement was tempered with anxiety though, since I had been hearing for days of a very cold snap coming. And the cold did come : 25 Friday morning, 15 Saturday morning (with 2-3 inches snow!), and 20 Sunday morning. Despite my efforts to keep at least one unfrozen feeder out at all times, I have not seen "my" hummer again. I can only hope he found a feeder somewhere else and hung out there.
When I mentioned to someone on Friday that I'd seen a H'bird and was worried about him, she said "that's why I haven't put my feeders out; I don't want to attract them!". I'll admit that I don't know a lot about it, but I don't think this is how it works. I don't think our feeders cause the birds to leave their wintering grounds and come to our area. But, since they have done so, (I think) our feeders just might save their lives by providing food when nothing else is available. Anyway, good luck, little buddy!


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