Those Russell Girls: Merry Christmas!

Those Russell Girls

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas! I certainly am! It's been raining, foggy, and cold here all morning, which I love, since it makes the Christmas lights look beautiful and the fire so cozy. I'm really hoping for snow, and it is predicted for tomorrow! Tony, Jeannette, Donna and Alan came up Saturday. We all went out for a very early dinner, then came back to my house for dessert, snacks, and drinks. And, best of all - opening presents! I must've been very good, because I got some wonderful gifts: a tiny Canon digital camera & extra memory card, a mattress warmer, tabletop fountain, windchimes, Bird Guide book/cds, and more! I've had a great time today, playing with all my new stuff! We all had brunch at Don's Christmas Eve, before everyone went to celebrate at home and with their other families. We missed Ryan, but he will be home next Saturday for a week; it will sure be good to see him.
I hope you all will share some of your holiday traditions on this blog and pictures. I'll tell you later (when I can send pictures; you'd have to see pictures to really appreciate it!) about one of our family traditions - the "Smokin' Monkeys. I've tried to include some pictures of my tree and our family in this message, but I'm still having trouble. But, we'd love to see your pictures! Thanks to all for the cards; I've thoroughly enjoyed them! (I'm sorry! I was slack this year and didn't get cards sent!) A special thanks to all who sent children's pictures; I love getting those!
Merry Christmas; please let us hear from you all!


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