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Those Russell Girls

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Open Studio Tour

J and I are participating in the Orange County Artists Guild Open Studio Tour this year for the second time - today was the first day. It runs Saturday and Sunday this weekend and the same again next weekend. Things got off a little slowly today due (we think) to the unusually cold weather, but we had a pretty good number of people come through in the afternoon. Didn't sell a lot today (we didn't really expect to) but really enjoyed talking to people about our art - always good publicity! There are about 55 studios on the tour this year and I'm one of only three photographers, so we're getting a lot of people through that are specifically looking for photography. You can see some of my stuff at my web site and J's artwork is featured here (I designed the websites so don't blame her for the lack of bells and whistles).

It's amazing the number of talented people in our area (neighboring Chatham County has a studio tour that has even more participants!) but I'd be surprised if there weren't similar events (street fairs, studio tours and the like) in your area - go support your local artists! :-D


  • Hope you all make lots of sales, or at least make lots of contacts which will lead to lots of later sales!
    TRAC, Toe River Arts Council, sponsors 2 Studio Tours covering Yancey & Mitchell Cos. each year - 1 in spring (May, I think) and first weekend of Dec. Of course, there is the Mt.Mitchell Crafts Fair in Burnsville, which has been showcasing local crafters for 50 years.

    By Blogger Jenny Lynne, at 11/05/2006 10:04 AM  

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