Those Russell Girls: Aunt Bertha Update

Those Russell Girls

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Aunt Bertha Update

Email from Barbara:

Hi Betty, Jenny, Jane, and Kathryn,
I took Mother to her appointment with Dr Talbert on the 6th and he said her heart was in AFib again. He didn't want to do any more heart shocks since they haven't been holding. He said he wanted to replace her pacemaker with a defibulator. We set that up for this coming Tuesday. The fact that she wasn't happy about this and the fact that it is beginning to hit her that Daddy is gone probably had effects on her heart. Then Wednesday night she started feeling different and called 911. They took her to Chattanooga and Talbert decided to keep her there until after he does the surgery on Tuesday. Carolyn and I are taking turns staying with her. Ellen was here for the weekend, Jayne may come tomorrow for a couple of days and Debbie will be here to stay with her the night after surgery. Always makes us feel better to have a nurse with her (or us.) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Love, BArbara


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