Those Russell Girls: Welcome!

Those Russell Girls

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Welcome to the on-line meeting place for the families of those Russell girls of Franklin County, Tennessee. Anyone in the family can post your stories, news, pictures, etc. here - all you need is to sign up for a Blogger account (it's free!) and e-mail me the nickname you choose (you can reach me at tonyplutonium at earthlink dot net - just replace the "at" and "dot" wth the appropriate symbols). Anyone can comment even if you haven't gotten a Blogger account yet (the verification is just an attempt to fool spammers). For the time being I don't think we need to moderate the comments, but if we start getting spam or other undesirable stuff, we can do that too.

I'll be the first to admit that I've not done a very good job keeping up with everyone, so I'm looking forward to this!


  • Thank you, Tony! We're all still a little in shock over the death of our beloved Uncle Marion, but I'll spread the word soon and we'll get started.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Appreciate you! Love you! Mom

    By Anonymous Jenny Lynne, at 10/08/2006 8:30 AM  

  • Tony, I appreciate your willingness to help us "seniors" get set up on this Blog! You'll probably get some laughs (hopefully, with us; not at us) through these postings. Tell Jeanette hello.


    By Blogger Betty Oliver, at 11/08/2006 10:31 AM  

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