Those Russell Girls: The Aftermath

Those Russell Girls

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Aftermath

Same flower bed after the freeze and snow! I've pretty much decided that we might as well just let Nature have her way; our puny efforts to prevent any effects are mostly useless. Most all the work I did, trying to save plants from the cold, was in vain. I spent hours last Wednesday cutting pine and boxwood branches, covering many of my flowering plants, then came home late Thursday night and covered more with old bedsheets (looked like a family of ghosts had moved in!). It did no good! In some cases, it did more harm than good. I could've saved myself a sore back and had the same result!

I think the Chipping sparrows were already nesting before the cold came; they stayed on my deck eating from the feeder most all day Saturday. I still haven't seen the Hummingbird, who visited on April 4, or any hummingbirds. The Bluebirds keep going from box to box, but haven't settled on one yet. They took some grass into one box a few days ago, but they're still undecided. I had a "first" about 3 weeks ago: a Tree swallow was checking out one of my Bluebird boxes. I know they nest in boxes, but I've actually never seen a Tree swallow here. I guess it moved on - haven't seen it again. The Goldfinches are getting their bright yellow plumage. White-throated sparrows are still singing in the field in front of the house. Flickers are very active - don't know where they're planning to nest, but everytime I go out the driveway, they fly up in front of me. My yard's resident male Brown thrasher, who had arrived on March 31, seems to have weathered the storm, but haven't seen his mate yet.

Thank goodness for the firewood from the trees that had to be cut in Don's yard; I've stayed toasty warm! Minerva is grateful too! Since she is still lying around in the house and sleeping most of the time, I know that winter is not through with us yet. When spring finally comes, she will want to be outside pretty much all the time.
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